Thursday, 4 November 2010

Charlotte and Mark

Congratulations to Charlotte and Mark. Lovely, lovely wedding and a lovely theme for the cake.

Autumnal and gold colours. The cupcakes were vanilla, chocolate and red velvet and the cutting cake was a traditional fruit cake.



Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Barbie cake.

Over a month! I've been very slack in keeping this up to date. Things have been pretty busy in the Baker's Treat kitchen and in other areas of my world.

So, over the next few days I'll try and bring things up to date.

First off, a Barbie cake. I thoroughly enjoyed myself with this, despite being the world's least girly girl. Check out my dress design skillz!

Sorry to sound smug. I'm not really, I'm just so pleased this one came out the way it did.


Thursday, 1 July 2010

My daughter's birthday cake.

I made this one back in March, when her birthday was. I shall not list the criticism it received from my harshest commentator (even at 4 her scorn is terrifying). I shall just tell you that (a) it took ages! and (b) the towers and top were carrot cake, the other two layers chocolate cake.



Thursday, 10 June 2010


Hey - I'm 31 - is that too old to use the word funky? Let's assume I'm doing it a post-modern ironic manner shall we? Thanks.

Anyhow, these are bright, fun, funky and sparkly (although it's bit tricky to tell in these photos) cupcakes.

I know I made them, but I am quite loving them and think I'm going to be working this sort of style for a while. I really need to stop with the youth talk, right?

I've also, finally, sneaked in a use for my new(ish) Sugar Artistry cutters ( although I'm pretty sure not in the manner the designer intended.


Friday, 4 June 2010

She's just like the Queen you know.

'Ello mum! Not that I think she's found her way to this blog yet, but I expect she will sooner or later.

Anyway, this year my mum is having 2 birthdays, as it's a special round number. One would be in an awful lot of trouble if one revealed the exact number, so one is moving swiftly on.

We went away for the actual day, so I took a smaller cake with me to celebrate:

The flower on the top is based on a tree peony flower, one of my mum's favourites, and the bottom tier is a double barrelled affair so adds some extra height and drama. It looks bigger in the photos I think, but you can get a better idea of the size if I tell you that the top cake is a 4" and the bottom cakes are 5".

Today is her second birthday. We're having a party for her with a rather funky black and white theme. Although remind me next time my sister and I decide to host a party that getting caterers in is not a failure!

So anyway - this is the cake I've made for the party this afternoon.

As much as I really, really, really don't like working with black sugarpaste, I'm rather liking the effect of a black and white cake. I think I might be making more of these.

I got some lovely beads from Lindy's Cakes too. You can't see it very well in the photos, but the crystals I bought really catch the light beautifully.

Now, I must go, those chickens won't roast themselves and I must have a second go at the pavlova.

If I get some good shots today I might put some up of the party decorations.


Tuesday, 1 June 2010


This is the sort of order that makes me stupid-happy. Ladybirds. Yay! Toadstools. Yay! Snails. Yay! Bright colours Yay!

And a close up here:

I love making all sorts of things out of sugar, but making little toadstools and ladybirds makes me grin and chuckle like a rather daft small child.

Under all the ladybird goodness is our chocolate mud cake with chocolate ganache.

This cake came with the added bonus of a rather excellent 5th birthday party which my daughter enjoyed an insane amount.

Ben 10

Sometimes it's terrifying to get an order for a cake where the theme means nothing to you. Ben 10 is not a character I've come across before. Sometimes, though, the terrifying turns into a lot of fun. I loved doing this cake, and loved the colour scheme that the programme gave me to work with.

It feels like an 80s computer game to me.

Check out Ben:

And I believe this is one of the aliens he can turn into. I don't suppose I'm meant to think he's cute, but I rather do.